Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe



On Tuesday I arrived at about half past seven to the kindergarten. The children were coming into the classroom just like on Monday, but on this morning, the Hungarian kindergarten teacher made an art table for teh children, where they can paint a sun or a cloud. The children were excited about this activity. I also helped them with the paintbrushes and I also tried to talk with them about the weather, the colors and their interests in painting. 33463166_1833070213428926_8090089197194444800_n.jpg

Just like yesterday, at about 9 o'clock, the teacher started playing the "Clean up song", and the children sat in a circle on the rug. First, the Hungarian kindergarten teacher sat next to the children, and started a conversation about their paintings, and inconnection with it, about the weather and the seasons. After a little talk, Nóra, the Hungarian kindergarten teacher told them a story about the twelve months. It was a greek folktale, translated to Hungarian. The kids and I really enjoyed the story. 

31x4fqk5bzl._bo1-204-203-200_.jpgWhen Nóra finished the story and the small tall about it, Russ stepped in the middle of the rug with a book. The book's title was "In the Nest".  He also read the story to the children, and asked questions about it. The kids had a fun time talking about the book. After listening to the story, Russ played a game with a kids. They pretended that they are birds, and they had to lay eggs (beanbags) into the nests (hullahopps). They were also separated in groups by colors. 

After the circle time session, the children and us were going outside to the courtyard. We had a nice weather all the day, so we could stay there untill noon, when we had to go inside for lunch. 

After lunch Russ played a few English songs to the children, and then they were heading to the toilets, and then the changing rooms, to put their pajamas on. 

Just like the on Monday, the English teacher sang them a song, and then they were listening to a Hungarian story from the CD player.